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The Wiltshire Squash Rackets Association (WSRA) is formed by the affiliation of a collection of clubs within the county and is governed by a Management Committee. WSRA is a county branch of England Squash, the UK governing body.

The aims and objectives of the WSRA are set out in our constitution and our activities include the running of county leagues, the participation in Inter-County Squash and the running of a number of county championships.

At this point in time the WSRA is split into two branches; WSRA is concerned with adult squash in Wiltshire and Wiltshire Junior Squash (WJS) with Junior (U19) squash. WJS is a branch of the WSRA and has its own Management Committee, its own funding and its own constitution.

The Management Committee are a group of committed volunteers (and there are never enough!) who try and make sure it all happens throughout the year.

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2013
Wiltshire Squash Rackets Association - Constitution

1  Name

The Association shall be called "Wiltshire Squash Rackets Association" (WSRA)


2   General

England Squash has incorporated racketball into normal activities and all references to "squash" shall be deemed to include "racketball".


3   Objectives

  1. To represent the England Squash (ES) and act on its behalf and under its authority within geographical boundaries of Wiltshire as defined and agreed mutually between the WSRA and ES.
  2. To maintain and uphold the rules and objectives of the National Governing Body (ES)
  3. To adopt and implement ES child protection guidelines and procedures.
  4. To maintain an Equal Opportunities policy and to ensure that county practices and procedures reflect equal opportunity. To act without distinction of sex, or of political, racial, national, religious, or other opinions.
  5. To develop, promote and encourage the game of squash and to further its growth and development at all levels within the county in conjunction with ES initiatives.
  6. To train, select and manage county teams for inter county matches; to arrange individual county championships and other competitions as it shall deem necessary for the fulfilment of objectives.
  7. To reinvest surplus income and assets for the benefit of the aforementioned objectives. Neither surplus income nor assets can be distributed to WSRA members or non members.


4   Members

     Clubs, organisations and individuals who are appropriately affiliated to the ES


5   Subscriptions

  1. Members shall pay to ES, subscriptions determined from time to time by its Board of Directors and published as a Byelaw of the Association.
  2. Members shall pay to WSRA any league fees and levies set by the WSRA as determined at the Annual General Meeting of the WSRA.
  3. Any fees due to WSRA shall be paid by 1st August if related to winter league activity and by 1st April for summer league. If league fees and or levies remain unpaid three months after the due date, the member, at the discretion of the committee, may immediately be suspended and forfeit all rights within the WSRA until such fees are paid.
  4. Any organisation or individual wishing to return from suspension will be responsible for payment of any outstanding liabilities incurred earlier and remaining unpaid.


6   Management

The powers vested in the Management Committee relate generally to the requirements that are necessary to enable the fulfilment of objectives of the WSRA as stated in section 3.These powers include:

  1. Determining policies in harmony with those of the National Governing Body, appoint an ES Council delegate, decide on matters referred to by ES and seek guidance from ES if necessary, on legal matters
  2. Creating such sub-committees as deemed necessary, e.g. coaching, disciplinary, juniors, league, selection and ensure that actions and decisions of the sub-committees are ratified
  3. Ensuring that the day to day running of the County Association is competent, determining the level of league fees and levies employing county funds in such a manner as deemed most effective and in the best interest of the WSRA. Nominating authorised cheque signatories: at least two signatures will be required when funds are drawn from the county’s account.
  4. Co-opting members to fill vacant positions on the Management Committee
  5. Deciding on county awards for distribution or merit and to propose higher awards to the ES
  6. The Management Committee shall consist of members elected annually to cover the following positions

Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, League Secretary, Junior Chair and up to 3 further members.

  1. One of the committee members shall be of the opposite gender. If there are no candidates available to meet this requirement, at least one vacancy on the committee will be maintained until such time as a suitable candidate can either be elected or at least co-opted.
  2. Additional (non voting) members may be coopted to the Committee as deemed appropriate.
  3. A quorum for the committee shall be 4 but must include 2 from Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.


7  League

  1. The Wiltshire Squash Leagues will be open to teams whose home venue is currently and appropriately affiliated to ES. Affiliation fees to be paid by 1st August or within 1 month of their renewal affiliation date. The committee reserve the right to refuse entry to the league to non-affiliated clubs.
  2. The Team entry fee will be determined at the AGM of the Wiltshire SRA and is due, at the latest, by 1st August. Teams whose fees have not been paid may be excluded from the league.
  3. A League secretary, under the jurisdiction of the WSRA Management Committee will be responsible for routine activities. Changes to the rules must be proposed at the WSRA AGM and each club will have 1 vote.
  4. Divisional trophies are the property of WSRA will be held for one year by the winning team/club but are to be returned to the league secretary within 14 days on request.
  5. Every ESR affiliated club within the defined WSRA boundaries is strongly encouraged to send a representative to the WSRA AGM..
  6. Detailed league rules will be maintained as an Appendix to this constitution.


8 Annual General Meeting

  1. The AGM will be held during May or June each year.
  2. Not less than 21 days written notice shall be given to clubs and organisations, stating the business to be transacted and providing a copy of the previous AGM minutes.
  3. Copies of the current Annual report and current balance sheet should be provided - in advance preferably, but at least handed out before the meeting commences.
  4. Mandatory items for the AGM are - Approval of previous minutes and matters arising, annual report incorporating league results, adoption of the accounts, election of management committee, league rule changes, other business (subject to fulfilling the appropriate notice period)
  5. Any other business items should reach the secretary in writing at least 7 days before the AGM
  6. All nominations for elections shall be proposed and seconded by a current member entitled to vote at an AGM and shall be made in writing to the secretary at least 7 days before the AGM.
  7. All affiliated clubs and organisations are strongly encouraged to appoint and send at least one nominated representative to the AGM to vote on their behalf.
  8. Voting will be primarily by show of hands with a simple majority required for matters unrelated to the constitution. A secret ballot may be conducted if requested by 10% of the members present and entitled to vote. Each ballot paper shall show the name of the member organisation, representative and the way the vote is cast in support or against the motion. In the event of a tie, the Management Committee Chair has a casting vote.


9 Extraordinary General Meeting

  1. The Management Committee may call an EGM at anytime, stating the business to be transacted and giving clubs and organisations at least 21 days notice in writing.
  2. An EGM may also be called by a number clubs or organisations providing that they are appropriately affiliated to ESR. The number required will be no less than 25% of the affiliated clubs for that year. A letter signed by an officer from each of the clubs or organisations requesting the EGM must be lodged with the WSRA secretary giving details of the business which it is proposed to discuss. The EGM must be held within 28 days of the receipt of such letter.
  3. A representative from each club or organisation calling the EGM must be in attendance at the EGM.
  4. Voting entitlement is the same as for an AGM(see para 8h)


10 Alterations to Constitution

Alterations to this constitution can be changed only at an AGM or EGM and require a 75% majority of those present and entitled to vote.


11 Dissolution

In the event that dissolution of the WSRA is necessary, the assets of the WSRA should be converted into cash in order to discharge any liabilities. Any balance remaining must be transferred, with a closing balance sheet and report, to ES as the National Governing Body (also see 3g).


Last Updated May 2016

Expenses Policy

The Wiltshire Squash Committee acknowledges that players and parents who need to travel to County events (such as England Squash Inter-County matches, South-West League Events or Inter-County friendlies) should not be out-of-pocket as a consequence. Therefore the committee has agreed the following expenses:-


Fuel can be claimed by the driver at the rate of 20 pence per mile. To qualify for this claim the car MUST be shared by two or more players. Drivers may NOT make this claim if the fuel is funded under some other scheme (for example; funded by the driver's company for personal use).

Overnight Stay

Players that need to make an overnight stay may claim £30 per night based on a shared room. The claim may only be made by the player and will not include partners.

We recognise that these expenses may not cover all circumstances - if you feel that your claim will fall outside these guidelines then you need to make sure that the committee are aware and have agreed to reasonable compensation BEFORE you travel. You will need to seek approval with the committee for the county body you are representing (ie. either the Senior Committee or the Junior Committee).

Please understand that Wiltshire Squash is a non-profit making body staffed by volunteers - The expenses here represent reasonable funding and whilst this may not completely cover the travel or accommodation the committee feel it is adequate and that it is not unreasonable for the player to meet some of his/her own costs. In particular these expenses do not cover meals or refreshments - this is intentional.

Revised: 3 Jan 2019

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