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The Wiltshire Squash Rackets Association (WSRA) is formed by the affiliation of a collection of clubs within the county and is governed by a Management Committee. WSRA is a county branch of England Squash, the UK governing body.

The aims and objectives of the WSRA are set out in our constitution and our activities include the running of county leagues, the participation in Inter-County Squash and the running of a number of county championships.

At this point in time the WSRA is split into two branches; WSRA is concerned with adult squash in Wiltshire and Wiltshire Junior Squash (WJS) with Junior (U19) squash. WJS is a branch of the WSRA and has its own Management Committee, its own funding and its own constitution.

The Management Committee are a group of committed volunteers (and there are never enough!) who try and make sure it all happens throughout the year.

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2013
Wiltshire Squash - Committee

Executive Committee

Chairman - John Jeffrey

Vice-Chair - Nick Hartley

Treasurer - Ben Taylor

Secretary - Mike Hyland - Minutes and Meetings

Secretary - Dean Watkins - ES Liaison and Events


League Sec(Winter) - Neville Buckle

League Sec(Summer) - Neil Marshman

Junior Chair - Neil Marshman

County Welfare Officer - Sarah Bailey

Website - Brian Brock

Media officer - Simon Williams

Membership - Mike Hyland

Co-opted Member - Peter Goldson


Coordinator - Brian Brock

Seniors - Dean Watkins

O-35 - Mike Hyland

O-45 - Mike Stannard

Doubles - Howard Wilson

Squash57 - Neville Buckle

Last Updated Following AGM June 2019

Expenses Policy

The Wiltshire Squash Committee acknowledges that players and parents who need to travel to County events (such as England Squash Inter-County matches, South-West League Events or Inter-County friendlies) should not be out-of-pocket as a consequence. Therefore the committee has agreed the following expenses:-


Fuel can be claimed by the driver at the rate of 20 pence per mile. To qualify for this claim the car MUST be shared by two or more players. Drivers may NOT make this claim if the fuel is funded under some other scheme (for example; funded by the driver's company for personal use).

Overnight Stay

Players that need to make an overnight stay may claim £30 per night based on a shared room. The claim may only be made by the player and will not include partners.

We recognise that these expenses may not cover all circumstances - if you feel that your claim will fall outside these guidelines then you need to make sure that the committee are aware and have agreed to reasonable compensation BEFORE you travel. You will need to seek approval with the committee for the county body you are representing (ie. either the Senior Committee or the Junior Committee).

Please understand that Wiltshire Squash is a non-profit making body staffed by volunteers - The expenses here represent reasonable funding and whilst this may not completely cover the travel or accommodation the committee feel it is adequate and that it is not unreasonable for the player to meet some of his/her own costs. In particular these expenses do not cover meals or refreshments - this is intentional.

Revised: 3 Jan 2019

Wiltshire Squash Rackets Association - Constitution

The WSRA Constitution was voted in during the AGM on 29/6/19 and replaces the previous constitution.

It has specifically been worded to facilitate our application to become a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation)..

There are two key documents:-

The Constitution itself - Here

The advantages of becoming a CIO - Here

17/7/19 - Mike Hyland

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