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New Wiltshire Box League
Whilst team squash is still not currently permissible, Wiltshire Squash has creasted a County Box League which will be regionalised to the North and South of the county. Matches in the North would be played at the Wessex club, Swindon and the South matches would be played at 5 Rivers, Salisbury.

The details of the boxes are:

The North box league is commences 12th October. The South box league would start later, date to be confirmed.

Boxes would consist of 5 players.

Each box would be allocated a match night and all players would be present for that night.

2 box matches would be played by each player one week and the remaining 2 box matches would be played the following week.

Matches are 3 games irrespective of the score and would be PAR to 11 with no tiebreak. Therefore, the total score for each player per match is recorded (i.e., a maximum of 33 points per match). Scores would be entered directly to the Wilts squash website by one box league member.

There would be a £10 box fee (free if you are a full member of Wessex/5 Rivers club) for your 4 matches in that box.
After all games have been played, there would be promotion/demotion and a free week (due to current Government rules) before the next leagues takes place.

Nev Buckle
League Sectretary
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