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Wiltshire Junior Squash Website Content Relocating
We are in the process of moving content from the old Wiltshire Junior Squash separate website and integrating it into this website.  

The aim is to provide a single information and communication source for all squash activity in Wiltshire.
Junior Squash Registration
We will shortly be opening the new Junior Squash registration process to allow parents' or carers' to register juniors to participate in events, coaching, leagues and get sent targetted information.

The cost to join will be £15 per year per junior.

All juniors registered will get their first session free of charge if they join one of the Wiltshire Squash Junior Mini Leagues, saving £5.

We aim to have the registration process open by 4 pm 27th September 2020.
Mini League Sundays at Wessex (Swindon)

Starting on 12th October 2020 (hopefully) we will be running mini-leagues (groups of 4 or 5 in a league) with promotion and relegation on a three-weekly basis. This will be open to all registered players and will be a way of proving ability. All results will be fed onto Squash Levels which will enable selection for squad training to be fairer and more consistent. Leagues will be approximate ability led to start with. Promotion and relegation will then take place each session. Players will be allocated a box start time and sessions should last no more than 2 hours. Due to current COVID restrictions, spectators are not permitted.

Note, this will work well if everyone turns up. There will inevitably be weeks where this is not possible and as long as we have 7 days' notice no penalty will be incurred. However, late withdrawal will affect the number of matches everyone else can have and a non attendance will then be deemed to be relegated.

We do need to look carefully at COVID regulations to see how this can work – please keep an eye open for further details.


Wessex Squash Club, Dowling Street, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN1 5QZ.  Click here for the map.

If this works well, we will also offer this in Salisbury. Both sessions will be open to all, irrespective of location in the county.


The cost of the first session is included in the annual registration fee.  Following Sunday sessions will be £5, payable via our Wiltshire Squash PayPal account. 

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